High Performance predicted with 8 Emotional Competencies

At the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) leaders and senior managers were tested for emotional intelligence with the EQ-i and were also measured on leadership performance based on feedback from superiors, peers and subordinates.

Purpose: To evaluate key characteristics of emotional intelligence that define high performing leaders.


  • High performance predicted in 80% of leadership situations: With 8 emotional competencies, e.g. self awareness, stress tolerance, empathy and others.
  • A roadmap for leadership success: Using the EQ-i predictive model for leadership development generates a roadmap for leadership success and better performing leaders.
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Sample Group: This study evaluated the world-famous training center (CCL), looking at 302 leaders and senior managers, some of whom were quite successful and others who were struggling.

Source: MHS, Emotional Intelligence & RoI: http://downloads.mhs.com/ei/MHS_Brief_ROI.pdf, Page 10f

Results verified by: MHS

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