Production Increase with Emotional Competencies

In a manufacturing plant the supervisors received training in emotional intelligence.


  • + 17% production increase by the trained supervisors
  • Comparison group not trained = no such increase: There was no such increase in production for a group of matched supervisors who were not trained.
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Source: Porras, J. I., & Anderson, B. (1981): Improving managerial effectiveness through
modeling-based training. Organizational Dynamics, 9, 60-77.

In another manufacturing plant supervisor received training in emotional skills such as how to listen better and help employees resolve problems on their own.


  • – 50 % lost-time accidents
  • Formal grievance strongly reduced: Down from an average of 15% per year to 3% per year
  • Exceeded productivity goals: The plant exceeded productivity goals by $250.000

Source: Pesuric, A., & Byham, W. (July 1996): The new look in behavior modeling. Training and Development, 25-33.

Results verified by: Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations

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