Sales Growth with high Emotional Competencies

A Fortune 100 Insurance Company wanted to predict predict key characteristics associated with top performance and develop selection criteria for future agents.

The sales team of highly rated general agents outperformed the other teams in terms of sales.


  • + 15% Growth (four year compound annual growth rate CAGR) by high performers – much higher than the -1% achieved by the teams of the low performing.
  • High Performers = Higher Emotional Intelligence Characteristics: High performers consistently scored higher in most emotional intelligence characteristics. Most notably: Assertiveness, self-actualization, empathy, problem solving and happiness.
  • Using EQ-i for Selection: Generates high performing employees & decreased staff fluctuation rates.
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Download Emotional Intelligence & Return on Investment (PDF)
Source: MHS, page 5.

Research Details:
First, a subjective rating was used to determine performance levels amongst General Agents (GAs) at the insurance company.
Then agents completed the EQ-i and were rated by two VPs as high or low performers.

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