An Interview

Why do you recommend Emotional Intelligence for leaders & managers?

As a Global Talent Manager I worked for an austrian-based international production company, which is the global leader in fiber industry. I took over the project, to decide on tools and ways to identify future potential managers and leaders.

Besides cognitive abilities and past performance we selected Emotional Intelligence as one selection element. Emotional Intelligence is a proven key predictor for future potential of leaders.

Searching intensively for global assessments and models we came across the EQ-i Model of MHS which has been used in Asia within the company. We checked the validity, reliability and the evidence of the model and the assessments.

I took the chance of an “EQ-i certification” and began to discover the differentiation aspects of the EQ-i 2.0 model.

  • It is simply to apply: Managers and leaders can develop emotional and social skills within a short time period.
  • It provides state-of-the-art reports
  • It helps managers and leaders to focus their development more effectively
  • There is an essential number of studies from application and research on the market which proof the effect on performance (more details you find in Research & Studies on our homepage)

Talking with managers and leaders within and outside of the company I quickly realized that Emotional Intelligence is a relatively new topic for Central European companies.

Further there was no Austrian or German-based partner for the EQ-i Model. Which changed in 2014 😉

In Summer 2013 I had a very interesting conversation with Erich. He shared his insights into the topic “Emotional Intelligence” and how he uses the EQ-i Model for a global selection process. Erich was very passionate and shared with me the idea of “doing more with Emotional Intelligence in future”.

I found the topic very interesting: The more research I did the more I realized how useful and important it is. Business of business is people and Emotional Intelligence is certainly a main key!

It would have used it in all companies I worked in management positions in the past. Either in service industry – I was CEO of Ski Amadé, Austrian biggest skiing group – or in the Airline business – I used to be CFO of Lauda Air – as for any other industry, Emotional Intelligence is essential to sustainable top performance.

With each conversation with Erich it became more and more evident, to integrate Emotional Intelligence as one key performance-effect-factor.
The “EQ-i Certification Process” is a valuable and enriching experience for a powerful tool 😉

I remember very well phone and personal conversation with Bernd and Erich at the end of last year.

I have been working as an organisational and people developing consultant and coach for many years. With my background as business psychologist I value models and tools managers and leaders can adapt and influence themselves. The EQ-i 2.0 model allows to get more insights about yourself, your emotions and how to change your thinking and acting with colleagues, when solving problems and making decisions and  to achieve meaningful and balanced professional and private life.

Doing the EQ-i 2.0 assessments myself and being debriefed by Erich I realized the effect of the EQ-i 2.0 model for my life.

In the meantime I have finished my “EQ-i Certification”. With this certification process I have gained additional insights about my approach to emotions and how to even become more effective in creating relations, making decisions and managing stress.

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